Red deer

The tasty red deer meat is already familiar game food for many.

Nutrient-Rich Ingredient

The taste of farmed red deer is milder and more nuanced than that of wild, mountain-dwelling red deer, and the difference in the meat’s structure and tenderness is significant. Red deer meat is light and low in fat, and it is rich in iron. It is a nutrient-rich source of protein, which is good for your health, as it contains, among other things, zinc and B vitamins, including B12. The red deer meat we use is produced without hormones and steroids, and it undergoes strict, audited quality standards during transportation and processing.

Red Deer from New Zealand

Red deers are large deer species that primarily feed on grass and leaves. They inhabit temperate climate deciduous forests near water bodies and meadows.

Lapin Liha imports red deer from New Zealand, where the species lives in large enclosures in the highlands. Great attention is paid to stress-free, natural conditions, and high-quality nutrition in farming. In spacious enclosures, some as large as 15,000 hectares, the animals are allowed to graze in a manner typical to their species.

Products made from red deer