Ingredients for special moments.

Innovative game products inspire new taste experiences.

We are Lapin Liha

We are Europe’s leading producer of wild food, with our roots deep in the Lapland wilderness. Our production facility is located in Rovaniemi. Since 1989, Lapin Liha’s vision has been to create the best reindeer and game products in the country – or actually in the world. Lapin Liha offers a wide range of high-quality and innovative products. We aim to inspire people to create new ways of using traditional ingredients, to spice up everyday life innovatively, and to enjoy responsibly produced food with a good mood. Our products are delicious, low in fat, and healthy sources of protein packed with vitamins and minerals, ensuring a unique taste experience.

The popularity of ethically produced, nutrient-rich, and clean food is constantly growing. Pure food from the north is also part of living cultural heritage; for example, hunting is a regular part of many people’s leisure time, and reindeer husbandry has long traditions. However, not everyone has the time or opportunity to hunt game themselves or to get reindeer meat from a reindeer farm. Fortunately, it can now be bought from the shelves of grocery stores or ordered from restaurant menus.

The elk and reindeer season runs from September to December, but we offer meat all year round. During the season, we sell fresh products, and at other times, frozen ones. Our extensive range offers wild taste experiences for both everyday meals and the most festive occasions.