The moose, king of the northern forests

The moose, king of the northern forests

Moose hunting is a strong tradition in Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

The social aspect partly explains the popularity of moose hunting: bringing down a single moose requires the efforts of several hunters and dogs. For many, the best part of the hunt is the autumn nature, familiar company, and chatting around the campfire. And when game is caught, road safety is improved, sapling damage is reduced, and the population is kept vital and healthy.

Lapin Liha’s moose meat comes from Sweden, where hunting groups have enough meat left over to sell. In Finland, hunting groups share the meat among themselves, give some to landowners, and only a very small portion is sold.

Natural, nutritious delicacy

The moose is a large game animal of the northern coniferous forests. A majestic bull moose can weigh over 600 kg, while cows weigh between 240-450 kg. Only bull moose have antlers. Moose mostly live solitary lives and prefer to move during twilight hours. They forage for grass, shrubs, and tree leaves, and in winter, they eat bark.

Moose meat is dark and coarse-grained, with a mild game flavor. It is low in fat and high in protein, minerals, and vitamins. Naturally tender, it usually does not require marinating – salt and pepper are enough to enhance its natural deliciousness. Easy to prepare and delicious!