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Classic reindeer stew or spicy reindeer tortilla? We would enjoy both! And they are equally easy to prepare. Game and reindeer meat add delicious flavor to the dishes, and are both a healthy and ethical choice. Did you know, for example, that moose is one of the most climate-friendly meats you can eat?


Start the new year healthy and light.

Reindeer is very low in fat and therefore particularly suitable for a lighter plate.

Indulge in a traditional reindeer stew!

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Our online store is temporarily closed.

You can still find Lapin Liha products in well-stocked grocery stores as well as in our factory outlet store in Rovaniemi!

Responsible and Innovative

We aim to offer our customers innovative, delicious, and high-quality products – delicacies that everyone craves.

Our main ingredients – reindeer, elk, and fallow deer – are mostly free-range, foraging in nature and responsibly raised. Therefore, our products are a responsible and excellent alternative to traditional meat products.

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