Better, climate-friendly choice

Better, climate-friendly choice

Environmental issues and climate change are nowadays central topics in our society, and they greatly impact people’s lives. The consequences of our choices – what we eat, buy, and consume – are becoming increasingly important questions for environmentally conscious consumers. As awareness of environmental issues spreads, more and more people are pondering what it truly means to eat and live in a climate-friendly manner.

The majority of consumers want to make better choices in their food purchases. Many agree that we should eat less meat. Some may think that climate-friendliness means completely eliminating meat from their diet. However, there are differences between different meat options. The best choice would be to eat less, but better quality meat.

We believe that game meat can be a climate-friendly solution. And we are not alone in this opinion.
The WWF’s meat guide categorizes game meat as a good alternative compared to conventionally raised meat. Deer meat is a good example of meat from game that has lived completely freely in nature and grown up naturally. Animals living freely in nature do not need heated shelters or fodder. This largely applies to reindeer as well, although they receive extra fodder during harsh winters.

These naturally living animals are an excellent option for anyone who wants to get the best of both worlds: being environmentally friendly while enjoying the unique taste of game meat!