Sautéed reindeer 400 g

Sautéed reindeer 400 g

Try it modernly in salads and pastas or make a delicious traditional sautéed reindeer! A versatile ingredient for both everyday and festive dishes.


Reindeer meat 97% (combined meat from pieces), water

Origin of the meat

Finland (FI)

Ammattilaisille – EN

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  • Gourmet sautéed reindeer shoulder  400 g
  • Sautéed reindeer 240 g
  • Gourmet sautéed reindeer shoulder 
400 g

Get inspired by our receipes.

  • Reindeer tartare, browned lemon butter, 
vendace roe, and chanterelle cream
  • Sautéed reindeer casserole
  • Traditional sautéed reindeer
  • Gourmet sautéed reindeer with beetroot and horseradish