Sautéed reindeer 240 g

Sautéed reindeer 240 g

Enjoy a plateful of Lapland traditional food conveniently in your home kitchen.  Sautéed reindeer is a combination of gamey flavor and northern culinary culture.


Reindeer meat 90% (consists of small pieces), water, salt 0,3%

Origin of the meat

Depending on the availability of reindeer meat, from Finland (FI) or Sweden (SE). See the abbreviation in the context of the date.

Ammattilaisille – EN

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  • Sautéed reindeer 400 g
  • Gourmet sautéed reindeer shoulder  400 g
  • Gourmet sautéed reindeer shoulder 
400 g

Get inspired by our receipes.

  • Grilled reindeer topside roast, flattened potatoes, 
and herb butter
  • Reindeer tapas
  • Reindeer topside roast, honey-glazed kaski swede , and cream stewed peas
  • Spicy sautéed reindeer salad