Reindeer meat cubes 400 g

Reindeer meat cubes 400 g

Lapin Liha’s convenient reindeer meat cubes, which you can use to make creamy reindeer stroganoff, tasty reindeer stew, or reindeer soup.



100% reindeer meat cubes

Origin of the meat

Depending on the availability of reindeer meat, from  Finland (FI), Sweden (SE), or Norway (NO). See the abbreviation in the context of the date.

Discover our delicious meat products.

  • Reindeer calf liver
  • Warm-smoked reindeer roast 100g,
  • Reindeer blood
  • Reindeer topside

Get inspired by our receipes.

  • Finnish flat bread sandwich cake
  • Steaks from reindeer tenderloin
  • Mango-coriander salsa
  • Reindeer tacos with full cabbage and kale salad and chanterelle mayonnaise