Reindeer box 1/2

Reindeer box 1/2

Lapin Liha Reindeer box is a complete package of Finnish reindeer meat. Inside the box, you’ll find all the finest parts of reindeer, so you can indulge for a long time! The products are frozen.

The ingredients of Reindeer box are suitable for various dishes, both for everyday meals and celebrations. Use them to create delicious stews, sautés, steaks, cutlets, sauces, and soups, for example.

around 11,5 kg



Reindeer meat with bones (100%)

Box contents: ½ x boneless front shoulder, 1 x sirloin, 1 x tenderloin, 1 x netted roast with shank, 1 x boned blade, ground meat, soup bones.

Storage: below -18°C

Meat origin

Finland (FI)

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  • Oven-baked reindeer omelette
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