Cold-smoked reindeer roast, thinly sliced, 80 g

Cold-smoked reindeer roast, thinly sliced, 80 g

Lapin Liha´s cold-smoked reindeer roast, now also available thinly sliced! This delicious reindeer roast is low in fat and high in protein. Even a small amount of this tasty meat adds a fine reindeer flavor to dishes or sandwiches.


Reindeer roast, salt, dextrose, sugar, antioxidant (E301), preservative (E250), (E252)

100g of product is made using 129g of meat.

Strongly salty.

Origin of the meat

EU (A), other than EU (B), EU and other than EU (AB).  See the abbreviation in the context of the date.

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