Lapin Liha opposes Russia’s military actions

Lapin Liha opposes Russia’s military actions


Lapin Liha Oy is Europe’s leading producer of wild food, with roots deep in the wilderness of Lapland. At the production facility located in Rovaniemi, reindeer and game products are made, with the majority of raw materials coming from Finland, Sweden, and New Zealand. Additionally, purchases are made from Russia, from the indigenous peoples of Siberia, with whom Lapin Liha has had over ten years of cooperation. This cooperation began because the availability of reindeer from Finland and Sweden was not sufficient to ensure year-round supply.

In this procurement season, the share of reindeer from Siberia in the raw materials is about 35 percent. The procurement agreements for the 2021/2022 season were already made in the summer of 2021. The first shipment arrived in Finland between Christmas and New Year, and the remaining shipments came in January-February. The arrival of the last shipments was delayed due to border formalities and they finally arrived in Rovaniemi at the end of February/beginning of March. In Rovaniemi, the raw materials are processed into various reindeer products.

Lapin Liha Oy strongly opposes Russia’s military actions. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the company has not made any raw material purchases from Siberia.

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