Red deer from New Zealand

Red deer from New Zealand

The red deer is a large cervid that primarily eats grass and leaves. They live in temperate deciduous forests near water bodies and meadows. Red deer live in large herds consisting of either male or female individuals.

Lapin Liha imports red deer from New Zealand, where the species was introduced as game on the mountains in the mid-1800s. In the absence of natural predators, their population grew uncontrollably, and to manage this, red deer began to be farmed in large enclosures on the highlands. Their mildly game-flavored meat became a valued export product. Farming practices focus heavily on stress-free, natural conditions and high-quality feed. In spacious enclosures, up to 15,000 hectares in size, the animals can graze in a manner characteristic of their species. Red deer still live wild in New Zealand’s mountains.

Nutrient-rich raw material

The taste of farmed red deer is milder and more nuanced than that of wild red deer living in the mountains, and the difference in the meat’s structure and tenderness is significant. Red deer meat is light and low in fat, and it is rich in iron. It is a nutrient-rich source of protein that is good for your health, as it contains zinc and B vitamins, including B12. The red deer meat we use is produced without hormones and steroids, and it undergoes strict, audited quality standards during transportation and processing.

Silver Fern Farms – Respecting animals

Silver Fern Farms, The leading producer of red deer meat in New Zealand is one of Lapin Liha’s longest-standing suppliers. We have been working with them for over 20 years. Silver Fern Farms is a cooperative of several growers, the largest of its kind in New Zealand. Like us at Lapin Liha, they have actively developed their corporate social responsibility, cherishing their growers and prioritizing animal welfare. Respect truly comes from the heart.